New on the Bright Start CCYC Website

March 13, 2022


It has been over a month since we have sent an email about new items on the website, so here we go.

We updated the International Committee members’ list so you can get a sense of members’ background

Also, the activities being undertaken by that committee has been updated.

Any comments, suggestions directed to the International Committee can be sent to and we will make sure they get the email.

There are some additions to the website supplementary information including

  • Tools to help assess different aspects of Bright Start CCYC (self assessment, peer assessment, expert assessment)

  • Articles to build on Bright Start CCYC knowledge through research and theory

  • Adaptations and Enrichment Ideas for Bright Start CCYC with many of the adaptations previously on the Forum prior to being moved here. Our first set of archived FORUM material are from November 2021 through February 2022. This is important information coming directly through answering teachers' questions.

The FORUM posts are now all blank and ready for your new questions .

Last, but not least toward the bottom of the home page, added Important Information about using the Bright Start Website, specifically information on how to become a site member. Site membership is important for commenting on the FORUM, and being able to access program Supplementary Information. The site member guide is in multiple languages.

Again, any comments, suggestions welcomed at

Sue Burns

Get in Touch

International Advisory Committee

February 5, 2022

The Bright Start International Advisory Committee met on February 3rd. Check out their webpage to see what is being worked on.

Teacher Forum in Dutch

November 17, 2021

We now added a FORUM in Dutch! Go to the FORUM and check it out.

Teacher Forum in French

November 15, 2021

Visit our forum to ask a question. We now have Italian, French and English forums.

Teacher Forum in Italian

November 14, 2021

Visit our forum to ask a question. We now have Italian and English forums.

International Bright Start Committee Meeting

October 7, 2021

Goals until our next meeting are

  • Website improvement

  • Increased access to the program-electronic copy

  • Translations of program

  • Professional development

  • Nomination of new committee members

Bright Start Program

August 7, 2021

The Bright Start Program is available!

Bright Start Training

August 1, 2021

We are excited to announce a Bright Start Training to take place starting in October. An E-Learning platform will be used together with ongoing hands-on application and mentoring of staff as they implement Bright Start. To join the training press the link below.