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I am a learning spezialist and psychotherapist, founder and leader of the "Lernpraxis",, in Zürich. We give support in many aspects to children and teenagers in growing and developing their way of learning, or learning to learn. Giving responsability to my jounger collegues leading and developing the Lernpraxis, I am now more in the business of supervision an develpment.

I met Carl Haywood at a international congress in 1987 (or so), already familiar with Feuersteins thougts and material. I learned about Bright Start, at that times named CCYC and still under development, got my teaching in workshops held in Aix en Provence, got the right for teaching. And Carl asked me to translate BS zu German. What I did with a group of interested teachers. So there is a experimental Over the years I gave around 20 workshop, all of 6 days, mostly in Switzerland, but also in Germany and even in the German speaking part of Italy. We developped some sites, Kindergarden and first grade scholls using BS. But efforts still remained to engaged peaple, we did not reach institutional development.

The last time I met Carl personally was in Turin, Italy, where he invited me to join a workshop with Italian teachers.


Rolf Nyfeler

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