International Committee

Bright Start International Advisory Committee Members


Sue Burns, PhD: Professor Emerita, An author of Bright Start CCYC. Provider of professional development. (US)

Carlton Haywood: Carlton Haywood is one of Carl Haywood's four children and committed to carrying out Carl's final wishes that the Bright Start program be continued worldwide.  Carlton is now retired after a career in water resources management. (US)


Gretchen Butera, PhD: Professor, special education, Indiana University- Bloomington, Personnel preparation, special education, cognitive education, Bright Start, Researcher, early intervention and preschool special education. (US)

Victor Delclos: Colleague of Susan Burns. Student of Carl Haywood. Retired. (US)

Ruth Deutsch: Chartered Child and Adolescent Psychologist. Trainer in Dynamic Assessment, LPAD, Instrumental Enrichment and Bright Start. (Israel)

Helen Meyer: Special Education teacher.  Practitioner in LPAD, DAYC, IE, Tactile, Bright Start, Basic Concepts and Therapeutic Story Writing.  Based in Australia.

Maria Teresa Mignone: Practitioner and trainer, translator of the Italian version of Bright Start CCYC (Italy)

Rolf Nyfeler: Bright Start Trainer,

Specialist psychologist for psychotherapy FSP, Specialist Psychologist for Children and Adolescents FSP, Practice management: Counseling and supervision (Switzerland)

Jean-Louis Paour: Retired Emeritus Professor of child psychology (Aix-Marseille University, France), trainer in Bright Start and cognitive education, author of cognitive education tools. (France)

Susanna Piacenza: Pedagogist, teacher. Practitioner and trainer in Bright Start and IE Basic. Practitioner in LPAD, DA (Tzuriel), DA (Haywood-Lidz). (Italy)

Johan Warnez: Bright Start Trainer, educational psychologist, project development, training and consultancy ‘Cognition & Inclusion’ (Belgium).

Jens Wilbrandt: certified educational psychologist - conducts training, counselling, assessment, supervision, consultancy, teaching/training and continuous professional development in the fields of cognitive education, neuropsychology, special education, dynamic assessment and mediated learning.


Jane Yeomans: Educational Psychologist. LPAD, IE and Bright Start practitioner based in the UK.


Committee Activities

Recent efforts regarding Bright Start have been undertaken by program author Sue Burns and Carl Haywood's son, Carlton Haywood along with an international group of advisors on the Bright Start International Advisory Committee. The committee meets three times per year. In between meetings there are regular subcommittee meetings on specific topics.

The current topics we are working on are:*

  • Electronic Program Availability (Carlton Haywood and Sue Burns)

  • Program Visibility (Carlton Haywood, Jens Wilbrandt, Johan Warnez, Rolf Nyfeler, & Helen Meyer)

  • Program Translation (Carlton Haywood and Johan Warnez)

  • Website Improvement (Sue Burns, Jane Yoemans & Vic Delclos)

  • Professional Development (Sue Burns, Maria-Teresa Mignone, Jean-Louis Pour, & Susanna Piacenza)

* (first name is activity lead and others are members of the work group)