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Professional Development Opportunities

In this section we post courses that are specifically about Bright Start CCYC using the program materials across languages where available. We also know of professionals interested in providing other types of support, for example, review of teachers using Bright Start CCYC with detailed feedback.
Contact to find out information about professional development opportunities.


BRIGHT START COURSE Modular Training in English for an international audience. The course is online starting this Fall. Contact Dr. Ruth Deutsch here for more information.


Update on Professional Development in West Melbourne, Australia

Professional development for early learning educators and connections.

For more information, go to


Next BRIGHT START COURSE near Turin, Italy. The course will be held in the Istituto Comprensivo di Santena, at a small town near Turin, which brings together the kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools.

It will take place in October and will last 14 hours, divided into weekly 2-hour meetings, with an initial 4-hour meeting (a Saturday morning). Participation is voluntary and concerns around 25 teachers. It is aimed at teachers who know and have applied Bright Start over the years, in particular the units Self-Regulation, Comparison, Role Taking and Classification, and who wish to take it up again and learn about Number Concepts and Transformations.

It is also aimed at a group of teachers who have recently entered the local school context and who wish to be introduced to Bright Start.

For already experienced teachers, the course will be an opportunity to acquire a deeper awareness of the founding themes of the method, return to the units already known and share their experiences with colleagues on the changes that they have introduced into daily teaching thanks to the method.

It will also be an opportunity to get to know the Number Concepts unit, which in the past teachers had chosen to postpone, and the Transformation unit (this unit will be presented taking into account the current revision process).

The "new" colleagues, who know Bright Start as a school tradition without having had the opportunity to be trained, will follow the course interacting with experienced colleagues, who will support them when they start applying the method in their classes.

The course will be partly face-to-face, partly online.

After the course there is the possibility to stay in contact with the trainer for monitoring.

Please contact Maria Teresa Mignone here for more information.

Why Professional Development with Bright Start is Important

Dr. Ruth Deutsch shares important information on Why Professional Development with Bright Start is Important. Dr. Deutsch is a Chartered Child and Adolescent Psychologist, and a Trainer in Dynamic Assessment, LPAD, Instrumental Enrichment and Bright Start. She is a member of the Bright Start International Advisory Committee.

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