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Professional Development Opportunities

Bright Start CCYC Workshops/Training: In this section we post courses that are specifically about Bright Start CCYC using the program materials across languages where available.

MESSAGE FROM Dr. Ruth Deutsch

Here I am again!

I was just speaking to someone in a school yesterday who will take the Bright Start programme alongside another teacher, so  that the teacher has someone within the same place to share ideas with. Another combination is a psychologist together with a teacher in a local school. It could also be a parent together with their child’s teacher or therapist. Of course I will be there to  provide support after each part of the module.  To me it is much more important that people learn the programme well than how much money I make. So I would  like to enable you attend the course and offer you a very tiny price to attend. Can you afford  less than half ie.  £175 for you to attend and better still with  with someone else? I think it would be a stronger foundation  for  the Bright Start programme going forward.

Please don't be embarrassed  to take up this offer. I have done so in a  few places to  make sure that it isn’t just one member of staff who carries full responsibility, however  competent they are.

So please let me know if that would be helpful to you and what you think you can afford to make Bright Start more likely to succeed for you.

With best wishes

Ruth Deutsch

**** Bright Start new Modular Training course starting soon! The information for the online course in English is here. Instructor: Dr. Ruth Deutsch

Introduction to Bright Start CCYC (free mini sessions)

  • No sessions at this time

Contacts for further professional development support, for example, professional review of a workshop or of teaching lessons from Bright Start CCYC (developed and provided by experts across the globe; fee based)

  • No availability at this time

Courses/workshops focused on mediation, addressing ages 4 through 8: These may focus on Bright Start CCYC, however, might be based on mediation alone or how mediation is addressed in other programs

  • FundaMental™ Tactile Learning workshop (in English). Information available here.