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The Bright Start Program

Bright Start is a flexible cognitive education program for young children, designed for use with children functioning at developmental levels from 3 to 6 years, including those who are "normally developing," those who are placed at risk of school failure because of lack of educational opportunity, and those who have learning difficulties, irrespective of their cause. The primary goal of BRIGHT START is one of "stretching the mind," that is, broadening children's understanding and thinking processes, thereby increasing competence to learn new information, skills and dispositions.

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Who and How

Who is using Bright Start?
Currently the program is being used by classroom teachers of children in pre-kindergarten through the early elementary grades, by parents who are home schooling or providing supplemental education for their children, and therapists working with individual or small groups of children.

How can I learn more information about the program?

We have provided more information about the program throughout this website.

  • you will find an overview of the program

  • links to workshops/courses that will be available online and on-site

  • workshop are offered in multiple countries

Additional Questions?

Please send an email using the contact link on the bottom of this page.

Bright Start Organization

The Bright Start CCYC Organization aims to function as a charitable foundation, so that early education programs that serve children in need of such a program will be connected to resources that can help provide the educational programs at minimal cost. The Bright Start Organization is under the leadership of

  • Carlton Haywood

  • M Susan Burns

Customer Service

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