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Bright Start: A Cognitive Curriculum for Young Children

Two of our Bright Start International Advisory Committee members, Rolf Nyfeler and Jane Yeomans, provide an informative twelve-minute video about Bright Start CCYC.

Video link here.

RECENT NEWS: In the UK, Dr. Jane Yeomans (Bright Start International Advisory Committee Member) sent news that Bright Start CCYC has an important role in the blog providing support for developing young children’s thinking skills abilities and metacognition. Here's the link to that blog.

The Bright Start Program

Bright Start is a program that can help young children develop their ability to think. It is for use with children who normally perform in the 3- to 6-year-old range. It can help children in this range who are not having problems as well as those who haven’t had effective education and those who have learning difficulties. The primary goal of BRIGHT START is to "stretch the mind:" to help children understand how they learn and think. It can help them to learn new information, skills and attitudes towards learning.

As one member if our Bright Start International Committee, Jane Yeomans, notes, “Bright Start is important because it teaches children how to learn. This helps to promote independence and develop insight into their thinking.”

Currently the program is being used by classroom teachers, parents who are home schooling or providing supplemental education for their children, and by therapists working with individuals or small groups of children who are 3- to 8-year-old. For details on users from the needs assessment use this link.

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